Championnat du Monde 2015vendredi 1 mai 2015 10:00World Diplomacy Convention


Have you bought your tickets for Milan for next year’s WDC? If not, I suggest you start thinking about it, seriously. Doing some serious homework now could save you some serious money later. You’ll want to look at the airlines (both low cost and traditional) and the railroads and even some combinations of both. The closest airport may not be the cheapest, no matter what airline you pick; and the fastest train most certainly will not be the cheapest nor necessarily the most scenic. Also, if you start exploring your travel options now and get on Facebook you may be able to link up with others going to Milan from outside of Italy, or even from Rome who can give you some local travel advice. The grumpy bear in the room in this case are Italy’s unions who are known for frequent and unscheduled airline strikes which can ground you for a few hours, a few days, or even longer. Do your research now and watch the trends; and always be on the lookout for a good deal offered by a reputable seller.

Most Americans have an idea of what to expect when they’re going to Rome, but Milan is a different animal. I’ve been to Italy five or six times but my total time spent in Milan is no more than six hours, and the only thing that got me to go (from Venice) was a chance to see a live performance at La Scala. And what did I see, Boris Godunov sung by an American Boris! (He wasn’t bad but he wasn’t great either.)There just wasn’t anything to make me want to go back. But now Milan is hosting the 2015 WDC and that’s worth a journey, as Michel in would say. Milan is to Italy what Chicago is to the USA, or Birmingham is to Britain. It’s a fashion and style center, a financial center, an industrial center, and a technology center. It is definitely not a tourist center. For that you’ll want to go to Rome or get out into the countryside and the smaller cities and towns.



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